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Acoustical Treatment

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The major purpose of acoustic treatment is to improve the sound quality inside a room. In order to obtain the best sound value, walls are treated to rule out echoes and external sound interferences and give the required sound clearness whether for movie dialogues, music recording or simply a good ambience for audiophiles.

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Internal Louvers

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Louvers are a necessity nowadays. They insure privacy and security while allowing fresh air circulation. They are easy to install and clean. They offer many design and color options.

They can be installed on windows, doors, bi-fold doors for closets and dressing areas.

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Roller Blinds

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Used in houses and offices mainly, roller blinds come in different shapes, colors, materials and sizes.

They have been used for decades now and became an indispensable item that is both decorative and practical.

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Shutters remind us of the old days.

Colored wooded shutters are replaced by aluminum ones keeping the beauty of the old wood and the look.

They are durable, waterproof, crack proof and easy to mount and clean.