Walls & Cladding

Wood, Gypsum & Metal Cladding

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Cladding is the decorative and protective coverings for walls, roofs, ceilings or floors of buildings. Many different materials are used in cladding. The most common ones are: wood, gypsum and metal.

Cladding systems are very practical, as they can be mounted while the building is under-construction or simply when it’s time to renovate and repair.

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Partition walls are a great idea for design, practicality and space management. They can be design in wood, concrete, glass, acrylic… they are easy to decorate and simple to mount.

Partition walls are useful in office space, hospitals, hotel lobbies and even in homes. 

Drywall partitions are mostly used for dividing large areas into smaller rooms.

Demountable partitions cannot bare heavy loads but can be easily disassembled and relocated.

Foldable partitions combine multiple areas into one when larger spaces are needed.

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Special decorative paints

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Decorative paints are colorful and vibrant. They add life and design to any room and space.

Paint is easy to handle, work with, maintain and is very flexible since all designs can be achieved with it.

Paint comes in all colors and many different textures.

Fabric wall covering

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Covering walls with fabric has decorative advantages as well as practical. It offers unlimited design patterns and colors, giving warmth and coziness to the room and helps reduce external noise pollution.

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Composite panel cladding

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Composite panels are stylish and eye-catching solution to decorate the walls and hide all flaws. They have many quality options and are available in all different sizes, colors, designs and material. They are aesthetics and functional. Can be used for residential applications as well as commercial, retail…

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3-Form are cladding panels for all different applications needs. Their panels are colorful, design varied, high quality and easy to install. Their product line comprises of panels in all different materials to suit the client's need and taste.