Carpet & Parquet

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Carpet & Parquet are often installed in bedrooms and hallways. They are preferred over floor tiles since they are warmer, more esthetic, require basically no maintenance and offer a big variety of material, colors and finishing.

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Raised Access Flooring

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Raised floors are becoming trendier with so many different applications and designs to choose from.

Raised floors are mainly used in office building to provide a hidden void and passage for mechanical / electrical service option. a growing application is the cooling system that air conditions the air throughout entire buildings.

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Vinyl, Marmoleum & Conductive flooring

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Vinyl is a material made of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. Vinyl flooring is flexible, textured, impermeable and easy to install and maintain.

Marmoleum floorings are: Long-lasting; easy to maintain; made of all-natural materials; no toxic chemicals; naturally antibacterial, great for counter-tops as well as floors; very easy to install and inexpensive. 

Conductive floorings are made of linoleum, terrazzo. ceramic tile, vinyl, and rubber. Conductivity is achieved by using acetylene carbon, cupric salts, or other special conducting materials. Conductive floors reduce hazards of unwanted electricity.

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