Suspended Ceilings

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Suspended ceilings are bit by bit replacing the conventional concrete ceiling. Their advantages are multiple but mostly they can cover finishing flaws and give room to technical areas that would include pipes, wiring, and ductwork.

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Gypsum Ceiling

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Gypsum wallboard is the most commonly used product for walls and ceilings in newly constructed homes.

Gypsum boards are strong, affordable, fire resistant, durable, economic and easy to install.

Gypsum ceilings are easily decorated, decoratively lit and refinished.

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Composite Ceiling

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Composite ceilings are fashionable and very popular. They ensure safety, as the panels do not break

The composite ceilings are easy to work with, mount and deal with. They offer decorative diversity and make both designers and clients content.

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Wood Ceiling

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Nothing beats the everlasting beauty and value of Wood. Wood ceiling are trendier than ever.

With today's technological advancement, Wood Ceilings have a big variety of designs, colors and shapes for different models and different applications.

Wood Ceilings are long lasting, esthetic, well lit, easy to mount and easy to maintain.


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Metal Ceiling

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Metal ceilings are gaining popularity among both interior architects and clients.

Some of their main advantages are: esthetic, ease of maintenance, accessibility, variety of applications, variety of colors...

Metal ceilings are mainly used in the large and open areas facilities such as office buildings, train stations and airports. They are perfect to mount and demount in open spaces and especially giving way to the maintenance areas when needed.


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Acoustical Ceiling

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To insulate and protect the sound from all external nuisance and sound pollutions, all theaters, recording studios, night clubs… must have a well-conceived ceiling.

The acoustic ceilings achieve amazing sounds insulations as well as design variety and lighting options.

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